Service for OEMS

From soft drinks and juice& water beverages: whichever beverage you wish to fill and package, the content determines the properties of the container. Every beverage makes specific demands – but also provides its own individual opportunities. Mechanical maintenance is a big beverage and water plants must experience every year, procurement of spare parts is a big cost, it determines the importance of the operation of machinery in each factory.
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Is the cost of spare parts and personnel high in the maintenance of your filling and packaging system?

Are there costs associated with unplanned machine outages?

Do you fail to meet your planned production capacity or do you regularly exceed your maintenance budget?

HSC machinery Co.,Ltd offers high speed Spare parts manufacturing services with replacement spare part for ,KHS,SIDEL. Our factory workshop has the most advanced manufacturing CNC machine tools and digital measuring instruments, which makes our spare parts have unmatched precision and accuracy, and some spare parts raw materials are even better than the original spare parts.

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Our flexible equipment can process raw materials as well as mass produce final products.

At HSC, we believe in providing comprehensive solutions.Just send us your design and we'll take care of production.

Our CNC machining capabilities include multi-function cutting, drilling, shaping, grinding and are widely applied to metal and plastic spare parts.

There are many reasons why HSC is the best choice for customers when it comes to purchasing spare parts.